Market Coverage

market-coverageACE offers access to a variety of highly desired market segments through our door-to-door distribution services. Our package is welcomed into over 99% of the homes in our distribution area, allowing you to tap into the purchasing power of New York City. Coverage of this diverse marketplace makes ACE a must buy for advertisers looking to do business in NYC.

ACE’s targeted distribution operation is now the most respected and the best weekly shopper delivery service in the New York metropolitan area, reaching millions of households.

Strategic Planning

Let ACE design a strategic marketing plan that takes your company to the next level. We combine traditional marketing know-how with today’s techniques to create a plan that gets results. Whether you need to create awareness, establish a presence, promote your brand, or drive traffic to your store, ACE has the plan for you.

How do we do it? We construct a media mix solution that is tied into the needs and goals of your business. Then, we execute, flawlessly, designing and distributing your message to connect you with interested buyers from the broad, regional level, all the way down to the hyper-local household.

Geographic Targeting

ACE is the industry leader in delivering campaigns that reach consumers where they live and shop resulting in a dramatic ROI for you. We do so by geographically targeting your desired audience, and creating a truly hyper-local direct-to-door distribution program that results in no wasted coverage and no wasted advertising dollars. That leaves more for your bottom line. So whether your business needs market saturation, or to cover specific blocks in a neighborhood, ACE delivers.

Multicultural Strategy

benefits-of-direct-marketing-picThe U.S. is a nation of culturally diverse communities. There is no greater example of this than New York City. ACE knows the urban and inner-city residents through nearly twenty years of living in and serving the Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and general population of New York.

As the inner-city experts, ACE can tailor and design a direct-to-door distribution campaign that target your desired ethnic population. We are culturally sensitive to the needs and wants of each group. From the Hispanic community in upper Manhattan, to the Asian communities throughout the city, we can build a distribution program that reaches your target audience, without waste, right at their door.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and to experience the difference of ACE.

Member of AAPS

As a member of the AAPS, ACE has the ability to extend the reach of your marketing message throughout the United States. This allows you to market your brand on a state or regional level. With a more targeted approach, your response and results multiply exponentially. That’s value – that’s the difference of ACE!

Working with an AAAPS member distribution company offers you other benefits as well. Private advertising distribution companies provide publishers and advertisers with a reliable, less expensive alternative to the postal stream (the USPS), which only adds to your ROI.

Benefits of Direct Marketing

  • Home owners eagerly await their weekly Poly Bag full of offers from National Advertisers and Local neighborhood stores.
  • In-home delivery is 99.2%. (Note: Homes refusing delivery are eliminated from our distribution.)
  • Active readership of advertising material is 79.1%.
  • Immediate in-home delivery. On a weekly basis.
  • Lower Costs than Newspaper, Cable-TV or Radio advertising.
  • Targeted geodemographic coverage means no wasted coverage.
  • Guaranteed Delivery with our Certification of Delivery program.
  • Higher Coupon redemption rate versus stand-alone ads.
  • Local merchants advertising is included with national brands.
  • Drives customers to your store from up to a 5 mile radius.