What Our Clients Say

"I’ve been using ACE for over six years now. We use them for all our monthly specials because it works."

- Ray Macioci

OwnerPilgrim Pharmacy

"We’ve been using ACE for about twenty years now. We’ve had tremendous results with the grand opening, with the circular distribution, and the feedback from our customers when they do come into the store that they did receive their circulars. Definitely an advantage to have ACE on your side."

- Ralph Bonavita

Director of OperationsSMW Holdings/Key Foods

"I’ve been using ACE exclusively for about six years now. ACE is good for me as a merchant because it’s value-driven, it’s cost-effective, and we get great bang for the buck, and we get results. That’s why I use ACE and recommend them to anyone."

- Eddie Rodriguez

OwnerEddie Jr.'s Hair Salon

"We’ve been using ACE for the last fifteen years now. My results with ACE have been very, very good. They are effective, they are serious, they are responsible, and you know, it’s a good value."

- Miguel Garcia

OwnerBig Deal Supermarket